PISCINE LAGHETTO has been an historical leader of out ground pools since 1974. The company is well known both for the reliability of its products and for their refined design. The product line of Laghetto’s out ground pools is called Home Design, which includes the models: Playa and Playa Living. Laghetto’s products are chosen because they are leisure and wellness objects as well as design products. Laghetto’s pools decorate a garden corner in a functional way, allowing people to enjoy an underwater living area, to read, to suntan, to have a drink, to let kids play and much more. One of its competitive advantages is its product’s easy installation: in just a few hours it’s possible to observe a complete garden or terrace transformation. Piscine Laghetto has a longer than 40 years history, but it keeps on surprising people presenting innovative Made in Italy products, with freshness and using the latest technologies.


Covered deck on Lake of The Woods, Ontario, Canada